Maybe I’m a walking contradiction

I’m still on the dangers and ills of this “communication” medium. I think I need to spend some time here in the interest of full-disclosure and intentionality.

For one, I do not believe that any communication endeavor with theology as a central focus ought to be used merely as a rant against that with which we don’t agree. This is not to say that what is wrong ought not to be spoken against. Christians must call wrong “wrong” in order that God’s truth in Jesus Christ might be proclaimed. But there are a few cautions that must be raised and which provide significant cause for pause in this little venture.

This blogger is a Confessional Lutheran. As such I shall endeavor to confess—homologize, “same say”—that which has been handed down from Christ Jesus. With this comes the twofold task of confessing the truth while not taking orthodoxy as a license for rudeness toward others who disagree. I have seen what seems to be a lack of attention to this in my limited experience with other Lutheran blogs. It flies in the face of both the spirit and letter of the Eighth Commandment. Further, wisdom suggests that one need not always condemn heresy within thirty seconds of hearing it.

Another caution regards the nature of blogging. In my inaugural post I alluded to this. The blog becomes the forum for rant—airing dirty laundry of one kind or another. It is a vehicle for expression primarily—and listening becomes a secondary concern at best. These need not be mutually exclusive endeavors. The responsible theological blogger must engage appropriately in both, and it is my intention to do so. This will be an exercise in patience on my part, that I might understand first and then speak.

Considering all this, blogging seems a daunting task at best, a self-contradiction at worst. Indeed. God grant me wisdom and patience.


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