Blessed Are We

Today two close family members wound up in the hospital, in quite separate and unrelated ways. Both situations are serious maladies of the body. And it has been a little bit devastating. Not devastating like imparing my ability to function, but the incidents are serious enough that they bring with them an almost unwelcome dose of perspective.

It’s the kind of perspective that I have often prayed for yet not truly wanted, at least according to my sinfulness. It’s akin to the prayer I posted below. Today I was reminded again of the frailty of life on earth. With disasters like the recent tsunami we’re confronted with it, but not being near Asia allows for some emotional and cognitive distance. The closest I got to that was a colleague who lost a friend in it, which was indeed hard. But when maladies hit loved ones personally it strikes closer to home. We’re confronted with the truth that ultimately what we do, our personal glories and achievements, aren’t worth too much. And if we think on it more, we end up right back at “poor in spirit.”

But God still doesn’t leave us there, at least not ultimately. The reign of God is ours. We slog our way through life, with difficulties, pains, pressures, failures, sickness, loss–but God calls us blessed. We will be comforted. We will see God. We will be called sons of God. We will receive God’s righteousness–his righteous acts of saving. He will raise us up, and sin and death will not get the last word.


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