Matthew 14 etc.

I have been spending a lot of time in Matthew lately. If anyone actually reads this page and has some insight into the walking on water pericope in 14.22-33, your comments are invited and, in fact, requested. The explanations are as varied as, well, there are a lot.

Some call it a translational misunderstanding. They say that the Greek for on the water actually means by the water. Some call it a group hallucination. Some maintain that Jesus just exercised some inate and generally unused human psychic ability that allows one to project his image.

I’m calling these bunk. They all presuppose that miracles don’t happen, and each of these theories assumes that Peter’s getting out of the boat and walking himself is Matthew playing fast and loose with historical reality for the sake of the needs of his community of readers.

Then there’s the allegorical approach: the boat is the church, disciples of Christ are called to be faithful, etc. And yet Peter gets out of the boat. Not too likely an explanation.

And still others maintain that this is a post-resurrection account, and it got misplaced when Matthew did his hack job with Mark or whatever. But Jesus’ time spent in prayer prior to this doesn’t really fit with this. It’s the only other time that Jesus really spent in serious prayer in Matthew, the other being Gethsemane.

I think I’m a little too frustrated and too close to the text to really understand it right now. My frustration is with text critics who don’t allow the text to speak. They place themselves in judgment of the text rather than allowing the text to say what it says. That’s really it. Not helpful, and indeed, pretty dangerous.

There’s more brewing here, but that’s all for now. Brewing. Coffee. Wired and tired. I’m out.


5 Responses to Matthew 14 etc.

  1. Derek says:

    I don’t have my Bible next to me and haven’t thought hard and deep about this text, so I apologize for not giving any thoughts on how to approach it. It’s been a few days, perhaps you’ve had some ideas in that time. However, you may want to clarify why it is you are looking at this text – the reason you’re looking at it will affect the primacy of certain insights regarding the text. Not sure if that makes any sense, but oh well.

  2. Derek says:

    Hey bud, keep the posts coming. By the way I made a new blog too, my old one is now defunct. I’ll send you the address sometime, I want to keep web lurkers and strangers away.

  3. OSC says:

    Sorry. I had other irons in the fire. I’m back. Thanks for stopping by.–>

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