Quite the find

My wife has been telling me that my clothes are falling apart. She’s right. I tend not to buy new clothes for myself unless it’s something of a dire situation. So on a lark I went to a secondhand clothes shop today.

Within an hour I came away with two new (to me) shirts and a pair of Armani trousers…for $20.

That’s what I call shopping.


2 Responses to Quite the find

  1. TKls2myhrt says:

    Congratulations! I do enjoy thrift stores, although the time spent looking for clothes on a regular basis isn’t always worth the finds. Our Lutheran high school has a fundraiser garage sale each spring and that is a great source for summer clothes for my two teens. What would make things perfect would be uniforms for my kids, but I don’t think that will go over anytime soon.

    My husband gets irritated when I buy him a new outfit, unless it was a super-bargain…until he gets a compliment from someone else. Once in a while, a guy needs a nice and currently-in-fashion outfit!

  2. Exactly. I’d shoot for a faster time though! :P–>

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