RCC Question

My neighbor, a devoted Catholic, steeped in the traditional veneration of the saints, threw me a curve ball the other day. Now I have heard the promised blessings of saying the rosary faithfully for a given length of time or doing various ritual Hail Mary’s, Our Father’s, and Glory Be’s. This one was new to me.

Apparently there’s a prayer that he’s been taught to pray against abortion. I can’t argue with that one. It’s a noble prayer, that God would hinder and ultimately end this barbaric, murderous practice. But this one came with a promised blessing, too. He told me that if he does it daily for a year, all the children who are aborted in that time period would become his children in heaven.


I’m gently having the conversation with him still. But has anyone heard of this one? (Does anyone read this?) Like an email chain letter these have no Scriptural basis. But I’m hard pressed to find anything like this in the Roman Catholic Catechism, either. Where does this stuff originate? I’d like to meet the guys who perpetuate this stuff.


2 Responses to RCC Question

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do they become his children or God’s children? Where does he think he’s going to have kids in heaven? I’m confused by the grammar, I think you’re saying that his (the neighbor Catholic) will be the father of the children in heaven. That is, in a word, odd. For at least two reasons. Parenting in heaven is, to the best of my knowledge, done by our Father (and even I would concede a special matronly mothering by St. Mary for the sake of alliteration, at least I would think the Catholic would think so). So, um, he’s going to be the parent in heaven? No…

    If 9 million and forty five people pray this prayer (to pick a random and arbitrary number) do they all become their children in heaven? Do all of the “parents” get all of the “children” or does God leave some people disappointed until next year? (Um. That’s not how “heaven” works, I know, but I’m being flippant).

    Personally, I think it is a reaction to the barbaric practice of abortion, and a way to personalize the response with a wish that everything works out ok for those who are victims of it. In some ways, it’s nice to try to see some hope for the children of abortion, but it (and this is beyond the scope of this) may be a big fat matter of the law for the parent(s) who killed the child – the kid might not be in heaven (in the resurrection of the dead sense to life everlasting). Or, they might be. So, if there is some barbaric practice that is completely beyond my control here in time it is nice to think that my actions here in time may trigger some event in eternity where I am caring for the children. Except, as I mentioned, if they are part of the Godly eternity, God is taking care of them.

    So, that was a ramble.

    And the smartass in me wants to say that he doesn’t have any kids of his own if he really wants to raise up a million and a half in heaven. Two is getting to be enough for me. A million and a half… I’d never sleep… man.

    P.S. I’m the guy who perpetuates this kind of thing. Come and get me.

  2. OSC says:

    I know who you are and I know where to find you. And we should talk again soon.

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