Falling short

I’m humbled by what a few months (ok, 13 or so) out of the game can do to a guy. I have been so busy over the last year or so that I have let my family’s website fall into severe disuse. I haven’t updated it in quite a while. So I went back there the other day, only to see that the weeds have grown all around it (some vicious spammer filled the guestbook–yes, we had a guestbook, that stupid little feature–with advertising), the links are up on blocks, and the pictures are all rusting out. I’m in need of something nearing a complete overhaul.

Part of my problem is that I created it in FrontPage. Yes. FrontPage.

I’ve been working to learn Macromedia Studio MX lately. I picked up a copy about a year ago, in hopes of getting things worked out then. Something about a “path” and “good intentions” is coming to mind right now.

Anyway, my hope is to create something that is a little more than just boring HTML, something a little more interesting than a static website.

This is where you may come in. If you should read this and feel like helping this pastor out, I ask for your assistance. What free and accessible resources are you aware of that would help a guy learn at least enough to be dangerous in the realms of ASP, ASP.net, PHP, or the like? This may be a tall request. I’m a little bit hindered by the fact that I don’t quite know what I’d like to do, just that I would like the knowledge to be able to think about what is possible and go from there.



4 Responses to Falling short

  1. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    Try your local library. Seriously. Best place ever for computer stuff (i.e. Dreamweaver MX for dummies or something, but also Teach Yourself Dreamweaver in 24 hours, etc). Most local libraries that I’ve been too have lots and lots of the big expensive computer books for, well, free (for a couple weeks). Worth a shot, Padre?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another idea struck me, and that would be to check out some pre-done templates (via El Googleo) and play around with them. You can find a lot of them out there (for free) and then try some of the more advanced stuff in Dreamweaver.

  3. Joe Fremer says:

    I’m kind of on the same wavelength, bro, as my church’s web site needs major revamping. I fooled around enough with my blog template that I am convinced I can get the hang of CSS.

    The library recommendation is a good one.

    Oh, the only really useful tip I can give you, is check with your domain space provider to seew what they will support. I know mine doesn’t support PHP at the el cheapo rates we are paying. We would have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.


  4. OSC says:

    Thanks for the help, gents. It’s a good place to start.

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