So, How We Feelin’ About the 24-Piece Set?

I kid you not, Uncle Rico stopped by my house today. Only he was a she, and she wasn’t selling any NuPont Fiber-Woven Bowls; no run-of-the-mill Crapperware, either. She was selling vacuum cleaners.

I hadn’t really ever had someone come door-to-door selling things before, so I invited her in to give her spiel. It was great. It was just like my own personal Uncle Rico–Aunt Rica, if you will. Check out the correlation:

“You look like a strong, young pup. See if you can give that a good tear.” :: “I bet you think you’ve kept your house clean. See what comes up with this suction.”

“I bet you don’t have one of these…” :: “…I’ll throw in this pair of binoculars for free.”

“We need something to make us look all official-like, like we’ve got all the answers. (How about gold braceletsss?)” :: “I just got this ID badge today.”

It was almost too much. I wasn’t about to spend $2000+ (that’s not a typo) for a vacuum cleaner. I can think of a car I’d rather put a down payment on. But it was an hour’s worth of free entertainment in an otherwise ordinary day.


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