I need a good day.

Wednesday, 30 November 2005

I need it desperately. I know there are others out there with greater misfortunes than I. I know that. But currently I simply need a break–a day in which I can get just a little reprieve from this stuff.

The latest chapter goes like this: four feet of my chimney came toppling to the ground today. I was having some needed maintenance done and it simply crumbled. Thank God no one was injured. But now I’m looking ahead at a car that’s dying, a chimney that has to be addressed sooner than later, and…what? What’s next? God spare me from what may be next.

It’s times like this where I become just a little more understanding of God when he was ready to just consume them and start over. Sometimes a wrecking ball sounds like a good idea. And I know that in a few days I’ll be back to my senses again. Color me frustrated.


Perspective Check

Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Yeah. I had one of the more emotionally draining days of recent ministry. The difficult conversations (and lack of conversation where it is desperately needed) just gradually took it out of me today.

And so after this long day I got back to my office to find that someone had put an encouraging note on my chair. I don’t generally go in for such things, but somehow this one found a target.

It was anonymous. I’ll just say thanks.


Saturday, 26 November 2005

Tonight I gave my wife Disney’s Cinderella on DVD for her birthday. We just got done watching it. Let me tell you, this DVD has a little something for everyone. Gents, it’s worth it.

One of the special features (on disc 1, in fact), is called “Cinderella Stories.” It is exactly what it sounds like. Disney got together with ESPN Classic and compiled over 30 minutes of the greatest cinderella stories in sports history. I didn’t realize it was on there when I bought it, but the surprise was quite welcome.

Just Give Up

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

I had a dual experience today.

The first was when I was driving this morning. The local NPR station was airing a show on illegal immigration, and of course they had guests that were for blockading the Mexican border, those for eliminating it altogether, and several perspectives in between.

Whatever you may think on the issue, the argument for making illegal immigration legal was absolutely ludicrous. Basically it goes like this: this law is just too difficult to enforce, so let’s just do away with it.

My goodness.

I guess it doesn’t really surprise me, but the lack of logic in it astounds me. Sooooo, we can’t keep illegal immigration under control; therefore instead of redoubling our efforts in order to extend benefits to citizens and those who are here through legal channels, we should simply give up. Right.

The second was a conversation with a homosexual who tapped me to tell them that the church would not have a problem with their homosexuality. It was a lengthy conversation. In a nutshell I told them the church cannot give its blessing to unrepentant sin, of which this clearly is a case. It was another instance of, “I don’t like the rules. Just make an exception for me, will you?” Just give up on this one. As if I have the authority.

It’s harder work both to maintain civil laws and to stand against sin in the face of societal permissiveness. But it is the loving thing to do, for the sake of the citizenry and for the sake of God’s people.

Good for what ails you

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Given our newfound source of heat, I’ve developed a new workout and stress reliever. I now split and stack wood. One member of the congregation has a lot of timber on his property that he’s trying to clear to get rid of the fire hazard. So he’s got good solid wood that has already fallen or been felled, and has given it to us in exchange for helping him clear it. And another member is helping me redo our hearth to bring it up to code and has been dropping off a truckload of likewise seasoned logs each time he comes. So now when I have a difficult day I simply go out back, grab the maul, and start swinging. It feels so good when you hit it just right and the log splits in two.

This all has the additional benefit of a direct connection with the things that enable life. It’s something I enjoy about farmer’s markets–or better yet, home gardens. I like being as close to the raw materials as is practicable. There’s just something more enjoyable about a pumpkin pie, for example, made from bringing a pumpkin into your home, seeding it, cooking it, and then making the pie than, for another example, buying the pie from Mega-Lo-Mart or some such thing. The same goes for the wood. It’s been harvested by some friends and me, and I am putting the sweat into splitting it to bring into the house to keep us warm. It gives a first-hand perspective to the First Article ways in which God continues to provide “all that I need to support this body and life.”

St. Martin of Tours

Friday, 11 November 2005

To day we celebrate the faith of this saint, and Luther’s namesake.

Happy Birthday

Thursday, 10 November 2005

522 years ago today Martin Luther was born.

230 years ago today the United States Marine Corps was born.

Go drink with a Lutheran and thank a Marine. Or thank a Lutheran and drink with a Marine. Or find a Lutheran Marine and express your gratitude by buying an enormous round of drinks.

Edited to correct fuzzy math.