I need a good day.

I need it desperately. I know there are others out there with greater misfortunes than I. I know that. But currently I simply need a break–a day in which I can get just a little reprieve from this stuff.

The latest chapter goes like this: four feet of my chimney came toppling to the ground today. I was having some needed maintenance done and it simply crumbled. Thank God no one was injured. But now I’m looking ahead at a car that’s dying, a chimney that has to be addressed sooner than later, and…what? What’s next? God spare me from what may be next.

It’s times like this where I become just a little more understanding of God when he was ready to just consume them and start over. Sometimes a wrecking ball sounds like a good idea. And I know that in a few days I’ll be back to my senses again. Color me frustrated.


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