Too busy to blog

I just remembered that I’ve got a blog and have not been posting. And probably haven’t been missed. Good enough. High points from recent history:

A parishioner who told me to take a flying leap a couple months ago came back and apologized.

Sudoku online. Almost displacing crosswords as my favorite puzzle, when I do have a spare moment.

The Axim has a VGA screen, PowerPoint Mobile, and an SD slot. On screen presentations now go in my pocket, not in my brief case.

Getting more into racquetball. Starting to figure out the angles (yes, pun intended).

Had a refreshing theological conversation.

And that’s about all time allows for now. More when things slow down.


4 Responses to Too busy to blog

  1. caroline says:

    I’ve checked in on you quite often. Yes, you have been missed.

    Now more importantly what is this Sudoku? I’ve been hearing quite alot about it recently. I’ll have to follow your link and check it out.

    Glad to ‘hear’ from you.

  2. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    My realtor told me about this Sudoku thing today. He’s addicted. I missed you too ya big lug. And I want an Axim. Sigh.

  3. OSC says:

    Honestly, I initially resisted the whole sudoku thing because all of a sudden it seems to have become kinda like the Starbucks of mental exercises–another one of those secret handshakes for the tragically trendy. But I had a long flight last weekend and it was in Southworst’s in-flight magazine and, well, I’m sort of digging on it.

    And thanks for the comments. I guess my self-deprecation can only go so far.

    For the Axim, do the eBay thing. I’ve seen them go cheaper there from time to time.

  4. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    I’m just waiting on a good Dell coupon. If I had pulled the trigger a few weeks ago, I could have picked one up for $358 with 2 years support. But, I didn’t.

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