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Pocket E-Sword. E-Sword is a decent little piece of Bible software. It doesn’t lend itself to deep study (study your languages!), but as far as accessibility goes, it’s great. I don’t operate the PC version of the software, but I have just downloaded the PocketPC version. Color me impressed.

Multiple versions of Scripture are available. I’ve loaded the ESV and the majority Greek text onto mine. It’s got some features that I initially (and cynically) found rather lame, but upon further consideration, found them to be rather impressive. One is the daily Scripture readings. The user can create custom schedules for reading the Bible, to read through a given section of (or the entire Bible) in a set period of time.

The second is the “prayer requests” log feature. I’ll admit, it was this second feature that flagged my cynic meter. On consideration, however, I am embarassed from my immediate “Contemporary Evangelical Alarm.” Whether or not one chooses to use it, it’s a decent opportunity. It’s simply the electronic version of a prayer journal, a helpful reminder both to pray, and of that for which we might pray specifically. Indeed, God encourages (entices! [SC III.i]) his children to come to him with boldness and confidence. And he promises to answer his children’s prayers. With everything else we give our handhelds to track for us, it seemed a trifle reactionary for me to be cynical about such a feature.

All in all, PocketPC fans (Palm fans, it may be time to jump ship) should pick this up today. It’s a robust little application, and the price is right.

Image of Dell Axim v50 with e-Sword user interface from


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