(Not so) Strange Bedfellows

Two of the books in the sidebar are eerily related. They are On Killing and Pornified. Each is written about a specific cultural taboo: the taking of life and the act of sex, respectively. Both make similar points: voyeuristic access to sex and death has desensitized our culture to them both. Or, perhaps more to the point, watching killing Hollywood-style and watching sex porn-style take these two mysterious activities and show us all the mechanics and still leave us without a clue about either one.

And the tiny corners of society that are as yet remarkably not directly touched by one or the other are still reeling from their indirect effects.

As I write this, it occurs to me that pornography more than on-screen depictions of the taking of human life is one of the most pervasive cultural influences today. And I’d argue that it is largly subliminal. What say you?


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