I don’t remember if Homer Simpson said it or not, but if he didn’t he should have and would have: “Of course you can trust it. It’s on the Internet, isn’t it?”

And given how easy it is to get, shall we say, “published” in such a medium, it becomes mind-numbing and a little scary what a quack, a computer, an internet connection, a modicum of biblical knowledge, and a proclivity for alarmism can create. Gentle reader, I give you “America In Prophecy.” I mean, they’ve got a dot.org domain and everything!

My favorite part is where it entreats the visitor with, “YOU TAKE OTHER VERSES OF SCRIPTURE AND TWIST THEM TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. WHY CAN YOU NOT OBEY THIS ONE CARDINAL LAW. FOR WHICH ALMIGHTY GOD HAS VERY PLAINLY DECREED HE’LL BURN YOU OFF THE MAP. IF YOU. DO NOT. OBEY IT!!!” And I’m thinking, “Wha? You mean I need to obey this guy? Didn’t he resign?”

I don’t know why I posted the link. It’s not worth the visit from anyone but the morbidly curious–of which I must confess I was one–and even then, not really. To any who begin to approach buying into any of this, please have a credit card handy and click here now.


3 Responses to *shudder*

  1. Whey Lay says:

    Yikes! yes, save me a seat on the bus for the morbidly curious. That had to be some serious search engine sifting to come up with that nugget. A person could post entries off of that site for months.

  2. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    “If you believe as we do that the prophecies contained in this report are of The Holy Spirit, directed at America, you are required by GOD HIMSELF to tell others where to find it.”

    I think your true colors are showing now. Did GOD HIMSELF have you post this?

  3. OSC says:

    Um, if by God you mean some guy named Steve who wormed his way into an online group to which I belong under false pretenses in order to spam the legitimate members with this nonsense, then perhaps.

    Otherwise, no.

    But on a related note, and possibly along the same lines as this , how different is that statement from a lot of evangelism pushes? We laugh at this one, but we tend to blithely accept legalistic evangelism overtures made among and by our own.

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