Banging my head against a wall

The title of this post describes my feelings about a great many things. Lately it’s about one particular organization with which I am involved. This organization has struggled for two decades, through financial malfeasance, poor planning, and a number of other issues, to produce a strung-together, duct-taped, jury-rigged product that only takes into consideration meeting the perceived needs of the next six to ten months with no eye for the long view. I’ve watched it happen. Lately it’s happened in such an overhanded way that I’m seriously speechless.

Sometimes God closes doors. And heroics on our part to continue to drive our agenda when it becomes more and more clear that it is not in concert with His plan are simply idolatrous.


One Response to Banging my head against a wall

  1. Whey Lay says:

    You work at the same place I do! Just have to figure out which cubicle you live in.
    Seriously though, I sympathise with the struggles you may have, when you care more for an organization than leadership does for it. These are only fleeting distractions, take heart, Christ is still Lord and sits in Heaven.

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