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Haitia is the name she came with (pronounced HAY-sha). We’re actually not quite certain of the spelling, but she does answer to it. She’s a really well-trained dog already, but is having a few adjustment issues. Given time, she’ll get used to us and we to her. She obeys quite well, and has a good deal of energy. She and the neighbor dog have reached some kind of agreement as well, so things seem to be working harmoniously.

Of course, already there is a bit of jealousy between son #1 and dog #1, at least as far as son #1 is concerned. But he’ll have to work through that as well, and he might as well do it now, given that a new brother or sister is stepping on the scene in a few months.


4 Responses to New Pic

  1. A says:

    Congrats on the dog. You have much courage to add a member of the family with another addition imminent. She looks nice, I will admit I’m not a fan of the big dogs. Just my opinion.

    Son #1 will be jealous of child #2. It is happening in our house right now, with the appropriate fixing of genders in the previous sentence.

    The thing we’ve learned – spend at least some time every day, just the three of you. #1, mom and dad; #2 mom and dad. It doesn’t fix the jealousy issues, but it makes us feel better about not spending too much time on one or the other.

    Call me soon.

  2. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    I agree with A. #1, mom AND dad, #2 mom AND dad. It’s hard right now, we’ve been splitting them up more and more, because it’s just easier… but I can sense a lot of jealousy in Ana… and when she tells me she doesn’t want me to go to work she breaks my heart…


  3. Joe Fremer says:

    Hey OSC,

    Not sure how old your kids are, but it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you establish quickly that you (or your wife) is the “alpha male of the pack” and that the kids are higher up in the pecking order–that they will always be dominant over Hatia. If this isn’t established early and reinforced often, she will just do what comes naturally, which is to jockey for position in the pack by challenging your kids — i.e., growling and biting them.

  4. Another Kerner says:

    The German Shepherd Dog is a veratile and devoted companion, with an intense desire to please and protect
    its family. It brings to a home loyalty, intelligence and heart.

    May I suggest some resources which might be helpful.

    The German Shepherd Today, 3rd edition by Winifred Strickland and James Moses is a good book to add to your reading list.

    Additionally, you might like to visit the web site of German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

    Often there are local German Shepherd Dog Clubs in the area which may provide training classes.
    Such classes inform both man and dog.

    A Shepherd, well trained, well bred, is an ideal companion for children provided both dog and children know the rules and are required to keep them.

    True, a dog is a pack animal and as such, needs an “alpha” pack leader who keeps order amongst all the members.

    And children, in turn, must learn to respect the dog.

    It appears that Haitia has come to you as a youngster and not as a puppy. Hopefully she is partially trained already and eager to learn.

    My I suggest that you look into buying a large “crate” for her in the house. It is an excellent training tool. Any good pet supply store has them available.

    My family and I have bred, raised and trained German Shepherd Dogs for many years. I would be happy to be of any help that I can be to you.

    May Christ, Our Smitten Rock, ever bless you.

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