Hiatus ended

Yeah. Been gone for a couple of weeks, with nary an electronic leash. That’s not entirely true, but Wi-Fi hotspots were few and far between, and all I had was my PPC. It was good to be away.

But among the more interesting things that happened to me was this. This is a classic picture from the “a few good men” recruiting campaign that the Marine Corps ran for about 13 years in the 1970s and 80s.

I actually met the guy a couple days ago. I have met few people in life with a more interesting story than his. His was the face of the Marine Corps for over a decade, but he didn’t even mention it. The conversation began with me asking him, “Have we met? You look really familiar.” “I don’t know. Maybe in the coffee shop?” A woman standing nearby was the one who finally said that he was that drill instructor with a famous face.

Anyway, it was an honor to talk with the man. I wish the conversation had lasted longer.


One Response to Hiatus ended

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me be the first to welcome you back. I’m sure it was interesting. Call me sometime and tell me about it.

    (can’t figure out how to log in with PIE).


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