So the Pope quotes a 14th Century conversation and Khamenei calls it the “latest link” in “the chain of a conspiracy to set in train a crusade”.

Hello? *tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Where is the crusade? Who’s fighting for domination and subjugation of the infidel? Who’s blowing up buildings and cafes and crowds of bystanders? Who’s running terrorist training camps? Who’s issuing fatwas calling for the killing of whole nations? Who? The Pope?

Eventually folks like Karen Armstrong might wake up and realize that Islam isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The advances with which it’s credited were all borrowed from other cultures (even “Arabic numerals” are actually products of the Indian/Hindu culture). It’s the only major religion with a fully-developed doctrine of war and subjugation.

The West continues to project an enlightened attitude toward this “religion of peace.” And Islam is more than willing to allow the West its delusions while it moves toward global jihad.

Go read some Robert Spencer today.


One Response to Crusade

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those of us raised in the Western tradition (e.g., most people in the US) don’t know much about the history of the Eastern Roman Empire. People in the Middle East — Christian for centuries — did not vote on whether they wanted to switch from being Christians to being Muslims. In most cases, it was convert to Islam or die — or at best, exist as second-class citizens.

    Now that the history of the Eastern Roman Empire is even more pertinent to us than ever, it will probably be taught in an even more muted and politically-correct way. Or not at all.


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