In time for the Reformation Service

The congregational order of LSB hymnals and associated available editions has arrived and is now in the pew. The church secretary, the custodian, and I boxed up the old TLHs and replaced them with the new editions. It was better than new phone book day.

I’m pretty stoked about this update. This congregation skipped over LW but voted to acquire and use the LSB. My critique of the LSB still stands, but as I said before, I am really positive about this edition. (And if CPH would see fit to offer a devotional companion with the propers in it for laymen who don’t really want the altar book, that might just be a cool move. It might not be universally desired, of course, but I could see at least some market for it.) We’ll bless and dedicate the new LSBs just before the service on Sunday, and then the congregation will have a chance to use them for the first time.


3 Responses to In time for the Reformation Service

  1. Anoki Ha Ish says:

    The new hymnals are here… the new hymnals are here…

    Well, good for y’all. We’re still in discussion out here because we don’t ever follow the same liturgy twice… whee.

  2. OSC says:

    Well, ask me about the second service. We could compare notes. Yeah, I think the variety offered by the LSB is a good thing, honestly, but it’s a controlled variety, if you take my meaning. I’m pretty stoked.

  3. Joe Fremer says:

    I am really, REALLY happy that they returned to the time-honored capitalization for pronouns referring to the Divinity.

    Although we have always used TLH, I started using the three year lectionary many years ago, and incorporated the collect in the bulletin for the congregation to pray with me. I wrote to CPH’s permissions dept asking specifically to use this, with the exception that I wanted to do the capitalizations. They said, Yes, you can reprint it in the bulletin; No, you may not modify it. AARGH.

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