Prayers, please

On Sunday our family grew by one. Tobias Joshua was born at 22:30 GMT on November 12, 2006. He’s generally healthy, but they can’t yet figure out why he’s having trouble getting oxygen at times. Mom’s doing well, and Toby is doing mostly well. Yet he is in the NICU tonight. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the medical professionals, peace for my family, and health and healing for little Toby.


3 Responses to Prayers, please

  1. Joe Fremer says:

    I got your back, and Tobias’, in prayer, brother.

    Been there. My first son was in neonatal for a couple of weeks–constantly in danger of reverting to Persistent Fetal Circulation, because his blood O2 was not up where it should be.

    [He’s 26 now, and ok.]

  2. ghp says:

    Prayers ascend, for all of you.

    I, too, have been there. My son also spent his first week in the NICU, the result of an O2 issue (they called it sort of a “sudden onset pneumonia”).

    He’s 7.5 now & doing great.

    God will watch over you all!

  3. Derek says:

    I am praying for your son Toby and your family, OSC.–>

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