I’m hooked. I never really read comic books as a kid. I had a lot of friends who were into them. I tried, but it never took. I’m generally into the more realistic. That and good comedy. All that said, I’m totally into it. Given what I think we learned about Sylar this week, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out where it’s going now–at least, in part. My hope, as is my hope with all TV programming that I enjoy, is that they play it out to the end and no further. Know when to end the show and do it.


2 Responses to Heroes

  1. anokihaish says:

    This is a fantastic show. I didn’t start watching it at the beginning, but made Mrs. Ha Ish watch like four episodes in a row. We got hooked. Good, good stuff.

  2. OSC says:

    Mrs. OSC still isn’t down with it yet, but I think a marathon viewing session will be called for as soon as the sleep deprivation is normalized.

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