Graphic design

I am enjoying the expanded options WordPress offers me over those I used with Blogger. Today I played around with this blog’s header. Those of you who have found me here, I invite your comments. Is it too much? Too busy? Unattractive? (I just realized that in my anxiety over my skills I have only solicited negative comments, so…) Freakin’ sweet? Your constructive criticism is requested.


3 Responses to Graphic design

  1. Lutheran Mama says:

    I like it! The .jpg distortion is perhaps not worth the size savings, though.

    I do really miss “I am the Run DMC of confessional Lutheranism.”

  2. OSC says:

    Yeah, well, I’m that, too. I think it probably needed a little explanation, although I mean the same thing in both. It’s tricky…

  3. 10th Way says:

    I like everything apart from the black font used for the title.

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