I changed my mind

Thanks to WordPress’ handy import feature, my blogger posts now reside here. It took all of five minutes, and I no longer need to maintain the old blog. It will remain active for a few weeks anyway, so that the handful of interested parties can redirect their links to this site.


4 Responses to I changed my mind

  1. Whoo hoo.

    I do like the new banner. You might need to make translations of all the Greek, Hebrew, and Latin on your about page 🙂

  2. anokihaish says:

    Woot. I like it. I love it. Etc. Sorry, I’ve dropped off the planet for awhile. I’m back.

  3. OSC says:


    Welcome back. Good to hear from you, though I imagine I’ll be calling you soon to actually talk with you.


    Thanks for the tip. They’re always appreciated.

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