Sheesh. Seriously?

The skepticism of this generation knows no bounds. I was just flipping through various blogs that have chosen to publish anything about Saddam’s execution. The conspiracy theories are starting to fly.

They allege that the videos are fabrications and that American policy makers are keeping him alive and in seclusion somewhere. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Saddam was spirited away by US forces already in 2003 and that the man on trial this whole time has been a body double.

I understand that bloggers are the self-appointed, self-important watchdogs of truth and reality. And I accept that I’m likely to be thought simple and naïve for just accepting what I saw on the videos. But c’mon. Throw me a bone here. Or else let’s hear where this secret compound is where Saddam, Hitler, Elvis, and 2Pac are being kept alive while the unwashed masses continue to believe otherwise.

Thank God the internet, digital media, and Photoshop didn’t exist at the time of Christ. Then it was just Pilate asking, “What is truth?” (John 1838) Today it seems to be everybody.


2 Responses to Sheesh. Seriously?

  1. anokihaish says:

    2Pac is still alive.

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