The new phonebooks are here!

Ok, they’re not. It’s something even better: the new volume in the Concordia Commentary series! The long-awaited Matthew commentary by Dr. Jeff Gibbs is out. Pretty sweet. I learned a lot from that man, and I’m extremely excited to have this volume.

Now the long wait for the second volume to appear…


4 Responses to The new phonebooks are here!

  1. anokihaish says: has them at a probable price mistake of 22.77.

  2. OSC says:

    Good thing I saved the receipt from CPH…

  3. Derek K says:

    I conjured up every bit of faux-excitement in me and used the line, “The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!” a couple months ago in reference to the mugbook coming out. I could hear crickets chirping and received quizzical looks. One person politely informed me phone numbers were no longer listed. What’s the world coming to when one can’t throw out a great line such as that and have it immediately recognized?!
    Someone asked Gibbs when chapters 11-28 would come out… he said about five years.

  4. OSC says:

    Some people just ain’t got no culture.

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