Train up a child…

The evening routine with our kids is pretty standard. PJs, brush teeth, drink of water, devos. Then another drink of water, depending on how much procrastinating is going on, and to bed.

The devotions generally follow a pattern as well: we sing a song or a hymn, we say the Lord’s Prayer, and we close with Luther’s evening prayer.

Tonight it struck me how formative that experience has become for our 2-1/2-year-old. We got done with the song (tonight it was “Jesus Loves Me”) and immediately he bowed his head and with his right hand (albeit awkwardly, like a 2-1/2-year-old) touched his forehead, belly, right shoulder, left shoulder, and then folded his hands.

I asked him what that means.

“A cross.”

And why do you do that?

“I’m baptized.”



One Response to Train up a child…

  1. points scored, points scored. 🙂

    If teaching little kids is such fun, why do a lot of people wait until 7th and 8th grade? 🙂

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