There’s a light…

No, no, not over at the Frankenstein place. (Pardon the obscure RHPS reference.)

Amid the maelstrom of post-modern worldviews and the blathering emptiness of contemporary praise choruses, blown hither and yon by the winds of whatever is catchy, whatever is “now,” whatever extols the wonder that is You, there came a voice.

After the service last night a young woman approached me. “Can I talk to you about Communion? I’d like to take it here, if I may. I’m LCMS, but I wanted to make sure it was ok.”

It gave me hope. There was no assumption that it would simply be ok. In fact, as the congregation celebrated the Supper last night, she did not. She got it. She got that it’s more than just me-n-Jesus and a warm fuzzy. She confessed the bodily presence of Jesus in the Sacrament, and she took seriously the fellowship issues. That was, in a word, cool. It was seriously old school.

Do you remember those days? I recall visiting a congregation a little while back. I introduced myself to the pastor before the service and asked if I might commune that Sunday. He looked at me like I was a Hungarian tourist with a bad phrase book (a la Python: “My hovercraft is full of eels.”). I figured he’d want the conversation as much as I did. Apparently I was wrong.

It really is a blessing to have the conversation. Oftentimes it doesn’t take long, but it takes seriously what God through St. Paul gives to us in 1 Cor. 11. It’s important. There’s a lot going on in the Lord’s Supper. It’s bigger than you and me. This visitor got it, and it seriously brightened my evening.


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