An Admin Day

This post is serving a joint purpose. In the second place, it is an experiment with MS Word 2007’s blog post feature. I’m trying to use category tags. I’m impressed. When I went to select a tag, all of my WordPress tags were visible, and I had the option of adding others were I to desire to do so. Fantastic. It just scored above Deepest Sender in that respect.

In the first place, it is to shout to the world that I have just completed worship planning this year up to Advent. That’s not to say that nothing will be added or altered between now and then. It is to say that the services are largely planned, the musicians all have their music, and our secretary can go at her own pace in generating the bulletins all the way through the end of November 2007. Everyone likes to be ahead of the game, and at the moment we’re well ahead of the game. The farthest ahead I’d been before was about 3-4 months. Now I can still work up a service every week, but there’s a significant cushion in place.

I am also rather impressed with the LSB
Hymn Selection Guide. It offers a nice list of hymns and gives their relationships to the appointed pericopes for the day. It’s a phenomenal resource. But it brings with it something of a gripe. It includes in its suggestions some selections that are only available in the Lutheran Service Builder software. The example that is bothersome at the moment is that “I Trust, O Christ, In You Alone” (LW 357) is LSB 972. The bound edition of the LSB tops out at 966. Alas, it’s such a phenomenal hymn. Do we bite the bullet and buy the Lutheran Service Builder for the sake of a hymn? As beautiful as it is, I simply can’t justify it.


5 Responses to An Admin Day

  1. Sean says:

    Amen! A man after my own heart. Nothing makes a Kantor happier than to have a Pastor who plans AHEAD. We need to know what your sermons and service emphases will be in advance, if we ever can hope to plan a service that will be as tightly knit as possible. Choirs need the most time to prepare things, and so we gotta know in advance. This holy week is very stressful for me because we didn’t plan far in advance, and so no one feels prepared- we aren’t. Advance planning helps!

    The hymn selection guide is wonderful alright. I would enjoy the search function of the LSbuilder, since I’m a guy of the google generation, but I have heard rumors that there are a fair number of bugs in the builder as of yet.

  2. anokihaish says:

    What I want is a Scripture reference guide – like hymn #??? is linked to Matt 14:12 or whatever.

  3. OSC says:

    There is a non-exhaustive index of just that included in the HSG.

  4. anokihaish says:

    Really? Well bless my soul. I’ll have to go find my copy.

  5. Ryan Markel says:

    Lutheran Service Builder also has a comprehensive index of Scripture references by stanza of each hymn (much larger than would be possible with a print edition).

    On the topic of bugs, I’ll take a moment to remind people who’ve heard that there are problems that people experiencing those issues need to call support and find out what’s going on. We can’t fix things we don’t know are broken, and much of the time what’s seen as a bug by some people is either user error or a knowledge gap we can fill.

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