…is slipping. Or at least their webmaster is. I can see who’s going where from CTSFW, but CSL has yet to post 2007 Calls. The website promised they would be up as of four hours ago. Not that this blog comes anywhere near to doing so, but the goal must be to keep content fresh in the internet age.


8 Responses to CSL…

  1. anokihaish says:

    I was up late waiting for it. Jerks. Getting to be the last class I know.

  2. Andy says:

    It came out at 9:00 via email. CSL seems to have been overloaded, I was getting overload errors looking for the stuff.

    Then again, remember that CSL had both services the same day. Both said they’d be up at 9 (though vicarage was up prior to 9) so a lot of people came looking.

    I personally like the way CTSFW does their services – vicarage one day, calls the next. However, I wish they broke down the calls/assignments by district. Makes it easy to see who is coming to my neck of the woods.


  3. Some guy says:

    The seminary had some serious network issues due to an unanticipated demand, so much so that they shut down campus student internet access in deference to the broadcast stream. This last minute decision didn’t free up nearly enough bandwidth. Many students have been saying relatives, vicarage congregations, etc had difficulty accessing the site. If I had to guess the posting was forgotten in the myriad of technical troubles throughout the day.

  4. OSC says:

    Makes sense. What, did they actually stream video? In years past I believe the audio was streamed, but video goes through bandwidth like a shark through a surfer. I guess they’ll be reconsidering things next year.

  5. Some guy says:

    Yes, actually they had a video stream last year without too much difficulty. I guess this year the word got out and the result was a jammed network. There was one humorous glitch during the vicarage service unrelated to technology that will live in infamy for decades to come. As you remember, the candidates and vicars are to process in and fill the back pews first. The first student went to the first row with a “reserved” placard. However, I suppose due to nerves, he did not notice there were two more empty rows behind the first “reserved” sign. The vicars filled up all 15 or so of the front rows until the procession came to a dead stop because they had run out of seats. The entire class had to rearrange themselves, moving two rows further back. It took a few minutes. Henry just kept on playing and the whole chapel couldn’t stop laughing, save for Dr. Nielsen who was standing up front looking shell-shocked. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!

  6. anokihaish says:

    Hilarious! Poor James Athey is going to have a hard day in two years.

  7. anokihaish says:

    By the way, I had actually heard from my father in law (who’s now a student there) that they wouldn’t let students into the service if they weren’t doing something, is that true?

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