I haven’t posted in a while. Part of it’s due to the fact that life hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to post much. Part of it is the fact that I really don’t care to post much, and is related to the largest part of it all: I’m disgusted with blogging in general. I figure I can’t provide much of a solution to my gripes with blogging/bloggers, but I can make myself less part of the problem (as I see it).

Pride isn’t a problem unique to any segment of the populace, but it is given more of a free rein in the blog format. And it’s an insidious one, pride. It takes a lot of forms, but I find it to be especially distasteful when it rears its ugly head within us as theologians.

We can get pretty full of ourselves. We get to be the big fish in a relatively small pond, and that can unfortunately be rather intoxicating. “Toxic” is the key root to that word. We clergy forget our place as servants of God, as called to the proclamation of the whole counsel of God, and we become drunk on the word authority. We begin to see ourselves as the authorities, not as the called exercisers of Christ’s authority. And it tends to bleed over into other areas of life: from politics to the societal pecking order. It’s too easy to make ourselves into the buck-stops-here last word on issues where we honestly don’t have an authoritative leg to stand on. It can get pretty ugly.

I’m now in a call where I get the best of two worlds: I’m privileged to serve as Christ’s undershepherd here while at the same time I receive the blessing of phenomenal pastoral care for me and my family. It has been humbling to receive such care and embarrassing to see through the lens of such care how haughty I had become–if not overtly then at least in my mind. And probably overtly. And when I consider some of the conversations I’ve had or viewed over the last few years I am likewise struck by the thought that some of my colleagues are stricken by this same sin.

The answer for this sin is confession and Absolution. God deals with it in the same way he deals with other sins.

The answer regarding my writing or reading of blogs is still pending.


One Response to Pride

  1. Frank says:

    It’s good to hear that the new call is going well. Welcome back!

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