It’s funny. You leave the country for a while and everything starts to look different upon return. I hadn’t been near a Wal-mart for the better part of a year. Last night I ended up there looking for some OTC pharmaceuticals. I got a little turned around. But in the course of my search, I noticed a labeled section of products I’d never noticed before: Ethnic Hair Products.


As I looked, there was only one ethnicity represented in this section: African. Does this mean that Caucasians, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, and others don’t have an ethnicity? Or are we simply unwilling to say, “Black Hair Products?” Applying the term “ethnic” simply gives us the self-satisfaction that we are politically correct. Yes, we can all collectively pat ourselves on the back for not being racists. Folks, life is simply too short and full of too much to be enjoyed for political correctness.


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