Thursday, 05 July 2007

Things have been hopping here. What is most significant is that I have received and accepted a new Call. So we’re in the midst of packing up a household and moving. As well, the wife’s recovery is continuing to trend upward. At the moment, if there’s anything else to report, it’s not really on the radar screen.


I’m back, I guess

Monday, 11 June 2007

My wife is doing better these days, though it still sounds like it will be somewhere between three weeks and three months before she is actually up and around again. This thing has really been brutal.

Otherwise, life has been somewhat interesting, if not hectic and disappointing. But I really don’t feel a whole lot like blogging about it. That’s more for my personal writing and reflection.

There have been a couple of bright spots. Those have been good.

Oh, and from the “things that make me a geek” category, Google has now made it possible for each of us to feel, if not exactly like Jack Bauer, then like one of the more important CTU operatives. It’s called Google Maps–mobile version. You’ve got the option to view both maps and aerial imagery when you use it, just like in the PC version. The trick is that you say, “Ok, Chloe, send it to my screen,” before you click “OK.”

Yeah. Ok, that’s all for now.

Where to begin

Saturday, 05 May 2007

It has been a hellish week. I took the family on what was to be a long weekend of camping. Everything started out fine. We actually got away, which is a huge victory in itself for us. It all pretty much went downhill from there.

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